Delegate Todd Pillion - Virginia House of Delegates - Fourth District


Meet Todd Pillion

Delegate Todd Pillion, with his wife Amanda, and their 4 children.
Delegate Todd Pillion, with his wife Amanda, and their 4 children.

Todd Pillion is currently serving in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 4th District.  The 4th District includes all of Dickenson County and parts of Wise, Russell, and Washington counties.

Childhood and Faith

Todd was raised on a small farm in Ewing, Virginia where his father instilled in him the principles of hard work, faith in God, self-responsibility, and the value of a dollar. These are principles that have guided Todd’s entire life. Throughout his youth, Todd and his family went to church at least three times a week. Faith is very important to Todd and his family, that is why they are active members of Abingdon United Methodist Church where Todd serves on the governing committees of the church.

Educational Background

Todd paid his way through his first year at Lincoln Memorial University with the herd of cattle that his father taught him to raise as a young boy. After his first year in school, he received an academic scholarship for his final three years at LMU. Todd then continued on his path to attend the VCU School of Dentistry as one of the few students from the Southwest Virginia region. During his last year in dental school, he served as the President of the student body and helped with the inception of the Wise RAM, Mission of Mercy, project. Due to mounting student debt and his family’s history of military service, Todd joined the Virginia Army National Guard during his senior year and was commissioned as a Captain in its Medical Detachment.

Residency and Military Service

After graduating, Todd returned to practice general dentistry in Abingdon in July of 2001 and soon realized his true calling was treating children. Three years after his return to Southwest Virginia he made the decision to participate in a post graduation program in Buffalo, NY to obtain a license in pediatric dentistry. During his residency, he was called to active duty to support the 42nd Infantry Division in Tikrit, Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He returned to complete his certificate program and serve out his 8 year commitment with the Virginia Army National Guard. In 2009, he completed his tenure with the rank of Major and the honor of being the state dental officer for Virginia’s finest.

Todd’s Businesses

​Todd currently practices pediatric dentistry with offices located in Bristol, Johnson City, and Knoxville. As a dentist, he sees premiums skyrocket and coverage for his patients drop every day as Obama’s healthcare plan begins to affect more and more Southwest Virginians. We need to elect leaders, like Todd Pillion, who not only understand that Obamacare is hurting us, but understand why and how we can fix it. As a co-owner of a few local small businesses, Todd has been for years and will continue to be a proven job creator for Southwest Virginians. This extensive business experience will allow him to head to Richmond ready to fight against burdensome government regulations and taxes.