Delegate Todd Pillion - Virginia House of Delegates - Fourth District

Jobs and the Economy

Jobs and economic development are my top priorities as your Delegate. As a small business owner, I understand how over-regulation is suffocating businesses across Southwest Virginia and the Commonwealth. Virginia has one of the highest corporate tax rates in the country. As Delegate, I will fight to oppose such taxes and regulations, so Virginia will become a more appealing place for businesses to expand. Though I will always stand up for our coal jobs, I will also work to bring jobs to our region by improving our regional job training centers and community colleges, and by working to grow our tourism economy. This “all of the above” approach will go a long way to improve the lives of Southwest Virginians.

Protecting Coal and Energy Jobs

As a member of the General Assembly, I have pushed for an “all of the above” energy strategy that protects coal jobs. I support efforts at the federal and state levels to restore local coal jobs by reducing job-killing regulations and taxes. I am also proud to have worked on passing new laws to develop hydroelectric pumped storage facilities in Southwest Virginia that will create new jobs in the region.

Fighting Back Against Opioid Addiction

Using my experience as a health professional, I have made fighting the opioid epidemic a top priority. Tragically, this crisis has impacted nearly every family and community in Southwest Virginia. I have introduced legislation that raises standards for providers, strengthens regulations on opioid prescriptions, and emphasizes the importance of quality, comprehensive treatment. I remain committed to working with my colleagues and folks in our communities to advance meaningful reforms to combat this epidemic.

Life and Traditional Values

I will stand up for our traditional values in Richmond. I will work to protect life, preserve marriage, and protect our childrens’ right to pray when they are in school. Watching our Attorney General abandon our state constitution has been a great disappointment, and I will work to reverse this while I am in Richmond. We deserve elected officials who will stand up for our constitution and protect our values.

2nd Amendment

I grew up on a family farm learning to hunt and respect gun safety with my father and brother, and during my tenure in the National Guard, I was also a certified as a sharpshooter. I am an avid supporter of our gun rights and will continue to work to preserve Virginians’ Second Amendment rights. As both a gun owner and outdoorsman, I will actively support hunting and our right to bear arms in order to protect the Constitution, which I promised to do when I joined the military.